dust control units 

Dust Control buildings are designed and constructed similarly to climate control buildings.  The objective is to help control the amount of dust entering the storage unit.

In addition, to the exterior units, most people are familiar with, we offer extra protection for your belongings with our premium dust-controlled units. For those dust-blowing days in SE NM, our dust-controlled units alleviate the problem. Giving you the option of storing your belongings inside a protected building.

Entry to the interior corridor of the Dust Control buildings is through a 4’ wide walk door, most homes have doors only a 3’ wide door. Individual self-storage units have a roll-up door facing a well-lit hallway. The exterior walls of the Dust Control buildings are double walls, filled with insulation, just like your home.

Dust Control Units are available at VIP Self Storage located in Carlsbad, NM and Xtra Space Storage located in Eunice, NM.


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